hare-raising ...
Friday, April 12, 2013 - 5:02 PM

So...after writing this morning about the expected greeting I anticipated from a lovely cluster of crocus...I  was met instead by a dozen little stumps protruding headless in the garden. I suspect that we have a yard guest we'll be dancing with all summer! Here's a clue...

This rascal looks way too serene...I suspect Albrecht Durer slaughtered and stuffed him before doing this drawing! And here's another of my dance partners:

Did you say cute?!

I did get to my studio and put the finishing touches on my new painting...a couple more herbivores...making a hasty retreat from somewhere no doubt! Actually, it's a self-portrait of Jim and I on the Harley he's thinking about.


Friday, April 12, 2013 - 6:58 AM

A while back, we had a plaque with what I assumed was an Irish blessing:

                           " May you always know three welcomes:

                                     At a fireside in winter

                                     In a garden in summer

                                     And no matter the season -

                                     In the kind eyes of a friend"


I have been blessed to know all three...and would like to add a few more:

                                   In the solitude of a summer woods

                                   In the sparkle of sunlit diamonds - dancing on water

                                   In a warm home - with the smell and promise of dinner in the air

                                   Under the covers - with a steady rain on the roof


Just such a rain is beating with purpose on the window as I launch this blog. If you are reading it, I thank you for the courtesy. I look forward to comitting thought to paper...that is...screen!

Like many, I spent some hours in the garden this past weekend. Last year's death magically became this year's life. Lifting the matted blanket of dead leaves uncovered a variety of small sprouts already pushing through the ground. The strength they have to pierce obstacles is always a marvel. Opening a garden for the season is an opportunity to experience past, present, and future simultaneously. I always find my garden moments my most therapeutic remedy for all troubles.

And so I welcome you to my blog with a wave from the crocuses...

      (crocus, croci, and crocuses...all acceptable I just learned!)

that will greet me in a moment as I leave this coziness and start the day.... May your day be special.


New Blog!
Saturday, March 23, 2013 - 6:30 PM

My new blog is coming soon! Stay tuned!!!