Purple Haze
Monday, May 13, 2013 - 9:21 AM



The lilacs are spectacular this year. The fragrance carries for blocks. Hopefully the cool weather will hold them awhile. Don't miss them this year!

As soon as I bury my face in them I am transported to fifth grade...walking to school with a bouquet of lilacs and tulips for my favorite teacher. May Day was very special...




We went to Highland Park one evening last week. We were hit with a heavenly blast of scent as soon as we got out of the truck. We picniced at a table and starting ambling amongst the bushes...one more spectacular than the last. Suddenly we heard someone calling out...either for a child or a dog...but as the calling grew louder and more frantic it became obvious. Alarm grew as the caller came near and ran past racing and retracing his steps. We stopped him momentarily to ask how we could help. He spit out a description of his son and raced on leaving many of us with shared panic. At one point he borrowed a cell phone and must have called the police. After what seemed forever, a very relieved lady ... passed by us headed toward the still frantic Dad...and the two police cruisers...We only could imagine the relief he had in store...probably followed by a  bit of venting at the boy in blue shorts! We were all very relieved to go back into our purple haze.

Except the one woman who had commented that "It's a safe park."

(Which planet does she come from?)

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