368 days later...
Monday, September 8, 2014 - 5:40 PM

Wow! It's been over a year since my last post! September has always represented a clean slate, so here I go again with great intentions of posting regularly. 

Some follow-up from the things that I described last year...

I saw Mark Peace at the clothesline show. His exhibit was great...beautiful new work. He mentioned that he just sent the drawing I gave him (in last year's post) to the framer. Sweet!

I ran into Liz Porter at Aldi's one day and she mentioned that she purchased my chair at the Rockin' the Arts Fundraiser. How cool to get that feedback. She followed up with a photo of her granddaughter snuggled up in the chair. They had purchased it for her as a gift.

I also heard that Jim and Linda Brewer had purchased my watercolor at the fundraiser for the School in Kenya. It makes me so happy to know that my work is in the hands of good friends!

Thanks for the support everyone!

 Last year I talked about my intentions for upcoming work. The sculpture of the model's head was on the front burner. As it always goes...while working, the project took on it's own life and the direction shifted. Along with great critiques from Christine Frederick and Jeanne Beck, the pillar itself informed me that the head no longer worked! It is now on a back burner but is certain to visit again!

I just completed the pillar having worked on it a little here and there all year whenever I got studio time. It is titled Channel One and my thoughts about the piece follow:

                                                                Channel One

 When our son was bedridden, dying of cancer, he left us one day for many hours. Upon his return,he was very animated and repeatedly exclaimed, “I found you!”…”I can’t believe I found you… You’re here on channel one!”  He described being out in a vast universe where we exist in a tiny frequency…channel one.

My column represents life - as I know it - here on channel one…as well as the unknown that is ever-present slightly out of our "grasp”.  Birth, beauty, struggle, joy and pain - blend together in this thin veneer, which shrouds the mystery of our destiny.


Although experiences create occasional occlusions in this veneer, allowing moments of insight, it is not until we leave channel one behind that we finally can hold whatever fruit awaits the end of our journey.


This is the finished piece above. Below are details of the 4 sides as it was in progress.

I totally enjoyed working on this project. As it neared completion, I started working on something else which I will write about in my next post...tomorrorw?!


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